The BBQ king!

The sizzling of the grill,
The smell of charcoal and smoke,
A master of the flames,
The barbeque king holds court.

With tongs in hand,
He deftly flips and turns,
Meat and vegetables alike,
All succulent and juicy.

The taste of his creations,
A perfect balance of sweetness and spice,
A symphony of flavors,
That dance upon the tongue.

Friends and family gather ’round,
Eager to sample the bounty,
As the barbeque king reigns supreme,
Master of his domain.

So raise a glass to the barbeque king,
A master of the grill,
May his reign be long and fruitful,
And his creations are always a thrill.

By Don Reykdal ( AKA The BBQ KING! )